About Us

Gatekeeper Technology is all about creating solutions that give our clients the competitive edge.

We found that there is a need for remote and offsite data collection, collation, and control. Our solutions increase data accuracy and insights, all while reducing paperwork, manual reporting, and time-consuming spreadsheets. These solutions reduce human error, ensure increased data validity and visibility and result in increased profit margins.

The management and development team are dedicated to solving companies’ challenges and developing solutions that fit their unique requirements.

We understand the need to collaborate with existing software, partners, and solutions.We have strong strategic, technology, and development experience that spans continents, having worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Our focus is on creating and implementing robust business growth solutions for our clients. We ensure that we have long-standing partnerships with all our clients to continue to improve the solutions, implement new options as technology changes to stay relevant, and ultimately grow your business.

Tomorrow’s Tech, Today

We utilise world class application platforms to ensure that our clients’ applications are future proof and keep up with the latest technological advances. Gatekeeper is a JourneyApps partner. JourneyApps enables us to build powerful voice-driven workflow apps for RealWear. Our apps integrate with existing ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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